Saturday, November 22, 2008

One fine Saturday morning...

It was definitely a weekend to look forward to. After more than 3 years, we heard my mom telling me and my dad that she would like to go out of the house. We couldn’t believe our ears! But deep down, like me, my dad was excited. It was definitely an answered prayer at last! So even if I usually sleep in during weekends, I got off to a very early start to go home. I will not miss this moment for anything! And it sure was a welcome sight to see my mom all dressed up and ready for her first day out. We took her to Harbor Square where we had breakfast at Pancake House overlooking the pier.
Too bad she didn’t want to bring her wheelchair. She thought she wouldn’t need it as I soon discovered, her original plan was just to stay inside the car. Of course, my dad and I didn’t agree with her. We were sure she was just nervous given that this was her first time after more than 3 years to be outside the house. Finally, after much encouragement, she walked using her walker and had her first taste of the morning harbor breeze. It was our first time to eat out after a long time. I used to take them on dates before my mom had her laminectomy so I just could not get over what I was witnessing. The first time I saw Harbor Square, I told myself that I will bring them here. And I knew that it will not be long and I will be able to take my mom out again. I continued to believe.
It was definitely a great Saturday morning! :-)