Monday, November 10, 2008


When do you really say it's over? That it's done and so you move on? Once you are able to figure this out, does it automatically make you feel better? Can you then jump up and down and be sunny all over? What happens then if you still feel your insides are in shreds and you still can't find the strength to even look up?

Everytime it rains, I look forward to seeing a rainbow after a downpour. Regardless what my state is at that time, the sight of a rainbow provides me a promise of a good day ahead. We all need a rainbow in our lives. It's something we would want to hold on to or during heavier situations, cling on. We all need to believe in something or we need to see a signal that our prayers were heard and that good news will come our way soon. We just need to hang in there. But what if no matter how hard you look, you can't see any but dark clouds staring back at you? What if no matter how loud you shout there's not even an echo that is heard? What if no one cares to even listen? What if there's no one? Perhaps during these times, how painful it may matter how each muscle aches, you stretch your arms and try to reach as high as you can go in hopes that you will be heard and be lifted up from the pit that you're in. You cry your heart out until no voice comes out and no more tears fall...until you hear that voice that will pacify you and will turn your sobs into a soft whimper. Until you're found, you just have to keep believing that help is on its way...that He is on His way to carry you on His shoulders and you will be happy once again.