Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Playing scary dress-up

I never had a thing for Halloween. I mean, its not something I look forward to and perhaps its because all I know about it is that it's that time in a year when what you'll see on television are all scary movies...which I'm not a big fan of! This year, I found myself out of character as this time, I had to host the Halloween festivities in the office (- occupational hazard!). Anyway, I never expected that it could be such a big deal but I decided to just look at it in the eyes of a 5-year old just so I'll be able to appreciate the occasion better and savor the experience...and I'm glad I did! =) The office was transformed into each floor's interpretation of the announced theme which was WITCHCRAFT/BLACK MAGIC overnight.
It was actually a treat watching our employees switch on their creativity and do crafts, paint, and do various artwork for the event.

Actually, what caught my attention was seeing the kids all dressed up for trick-or-treating! There were around 140 kids who came to the office, all dressed up and ready to fill their bags with expected goodies from the staff and oh! what a site they all were!

Not to be outdone, our staff also came in character!

I was totally exhausted at the end of the day that I found myself saying that this will be the last Halloween celebration this agency will ever have (-such a halloween scrooge!)! But then again, when I remember the faces of the kids (- how much I would love to pinch their cheeks as they looked so cute in their costumes!), when I think of how our staff enjoyed taking the time-off from their routinary jobs to just be kids again, I realize that I don't have the heart to take this time away from them =) It was truly a fun and eye-opening experience! Until next year! =)